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At Medical Imaging of Grapevine, we aim to make you feel truly at home with our affordable care and a wide range of services. At our state-of-the art facility, owned and operated by radiologists, we provide a comprehensive variety of imaging modalities, from the basics to medical imaging that helps us stay at the cutting edge of our field.

It's our mission to provide the widest range of imaging options possible at the lowest possible cost, which is why Medical Imaging of Grapevine takes pride in knowing our services are considerably less expensive than undergoing imaging in a hospital setting. Because we are a private facility, we are able to control all our costs and overhead to provide high-quality services at nowhere near the cost of hospital imaging centers, no matter if you have insurance or are paying cash.

MIG is also the only imaging facility in the region offering nuclear medical tests, as well as the only outpatient facility offering DatScan for Parkinson's diagnoses. This means that while you can come to Medical Imaging of Grapevine for the basics (MRI, CT, and more) we also have a whole range of more specific and tests at our disposal so that we can provide the most accurate diagnosis and maintenance of a wider range of conditions than any of our competitors.

We hope that the community of Grapevine will continue to make MIG their trusted source in medical imaging services.


At Medical Imaging of Grapevine, we pride ourselves on giving clients the peace of mind that comes with knowing they're in the most capable hands and having a wide selection of imaging modalities at their disposal. From basic imaging services like MRI and CT scans to complicated procedures like nuclear medicine and complex imaging modalities, Medical Imaging of Grapevine can provide top-notch services at a price that is lower than the competition.

As a private facility, Medical Imaging of Grapevine has a leg up on other outpatient and hospital-affiliated imaging centers in the region. We can offer a wider range of services and imaging options at a fraction of the price you'd owe at a hospital-run facility, whether you have insurance or are paying in cash.

Clients who visit our radiologist-owned and operated facility enjoy care from the experts in their field and affordable services that allow patients at risk for serious conditions actually have the ability to take control of their personal health and overall wellness.

Our services include but are not limited to:

  • DaTscan for Parkinson's
  • MRI and MRA
  • CT and CTA Scans
  • Nuclear Medicine

If you need any of our wide range of imaging services, call up Medical Imaging of Grapevine to learn more about what our team of board-certified radiologists can offer you. We're the regional industry leaders in diagnostic imaging services and we can't wait to show you why.

ACR Accredited Facility Lung Cancer Screening Center
Imaging Services
General Radiology
Our diagnostic radiographers evaluate bone-related injuries or damage, detect pneumonia, and can help diagnose the source of back pain with quick turnaround results, and accurate readings.
Bone Densitometry
Early detection is the key to protecting your patients from debilitating osteoporosis. With 55% of people over 50 diagnosed with the disease, our non-invasive DEXA readings provide quick, easy readings to help you offer proactive bone care to those in your care.
Digital Mamography
Used in conjunction with regular physical breast examinations, mammography readings save lives. Our mammography exams only last 30-45 minutes, and our board-certified radiologists will send the results to you, the physician, within hours.
Ultrasounds and Vascular Ultrasounds
From the transducer to our video display screen to a physician’s own personal computer, we provide clear diagnostic ultrasounds for small and large organs. Our Doppler ultrasound studies for vascular exams provide you with accurate readings for proactive care.
High Field 1.5 T MRI
Using the latest in MRI and MRA technology, our equipment is designed to minimize claustrophobia and provide easy access to a wide range of patients. From blood vessel analysis to brain and spine diagnosis, our certified neuroradiologists will provide reports in less than 24 hours.
CT scan
Using state-of-the-art spiral scanning techniques, we provide the cleanest cross-section images of your patients’ internal anatomy. Detect disease, trauma effects, and musculoskeletal disorders in the earliest stages with our swift diagnostic reads.

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