Digital Mammography

Early detection is one of the most critical steps to preventing and limiting the effects of breast cancer (the second most common cancer for American women). One way we detect breast cancer is through an imaging modality called mammography. This process involves taking a series of X-Ray photographs of the breast tissue and evaluating it for abnormalities.

Some facilities use analog mammograms, which project the images of the breast tissue onto slides. At Medical Imaging of Grapevine, we use digital mammography to translate images into data that is stored in a computer. Our facility is owned and operated by a team of fellowship-trained, board-certified radiologists, and we offer a wide breadth of options for medical imaging at a fraction of the cost of a hospital-run imaging center.

How Do Digital Mammograms Work?

Mammography is a fairly simple process specialized for a specific part of the human anatomy. A technician manipulates the breast tissue so that it's between two sets of plates in a machine. The process lasts for an average of 20 minutes, during which time a series of X-rays are taken of the tissue using radiation particles.

Digital mammograms are easier to use and store than analog images because they can be manipulated and analyzed in greater depth. This also allows tissue to be exposed to less radiation, making the digital imaging safer than the alternatives.

Are They Effective?

Studies have found that mammograms used in a preventative method once patients are judged to be "at risk" for breast cancer can be extremely effective in controlling the risk and preventing mortality from breast cancer. You should consider scheduling your first mammogram if:

  • Tick iconYour doctor recommends it
  • Tick iconYou are experiencing abnormal symptoms with one or both breasts, including discharge, lumps, or swelling
  • Tick iconYou are 40 years of age or more
  • Tick iconYou have a family history that suggests a heightened risk for breast cancer

Mammography can save lives if this particular imaging modality can be used to detect breast cancer in an early stage. Ask your doctor if you would benefit from a screening via digital mammography at our facility.

At Medical Imaging of Grapevine, we provide world-class, compassionate care to all patients at a lower cost than they'd pay for the same services at a hospital-affiliated imaging facility. For more information, contact Medical Imaging of Grapevine today.

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